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Navigating the ‘Tier’-rain

Navigation has always been a confusing and difficult topic when considering the Information Architecture and configuration of your SharePoint environment. The Global Navigation and Quick Launch controls in SharePoint have never really meshed smoothly... Read More

User Adoption Matters

Corporate intranets are critical to the productivity of a organization and the productivity of an employee is as intricately tied to profit as is the money coming in from customers. Profits are tied to productivity and... Read More

Tiers of Joy

How you plan the information architecture of your SharePoint environment is an important decision. You must put some time in to really understand your content and make sure that the structure of your content... Read More

SharePoint Features

As is the case with many errors in SharePoint, the error dialog is less than informative to be nice. Often times, I have an error where a select site or template that I’m working... Read More